Spring Clean Your Electrics!

Is that the sun I see???.....



With the start of spring finally here, it gives us (well, I am hoping my energy springs into action shortly too!) that urge to dust off the winters’ final feeling of never ending cold and darkness to make way for fresh beginnings and to look to the warmer weather with a glowing smile!

Not only may we think of clearing that dark unloved cupboard in the kitchen with goodness knows what out of date spices or saddened packet mix for desperate measures, but we should also look to maintaining our electrical devices and appliances to keep them free from dust and debris.

How can I help to keep my home safe?   



When we do jump into action and give the house a good thorough cleaning, we can take into account our appliances/devices which could use that extra few minutes just to keep them running smoothly, which can save money as well as lives!

We need to vacuum more than the floors??!!



As we well know, it is recommended to vacuum the dust from your smoke/heat alarms on a regular basis – I tend to do mine on my cobweb scouring hunt around the rooms.

There are other appliances that ideally need to be kept free from dusty build ups, like your fridge or freezer. These should (if access allows it) have the vents and back of the machine freed of debris every once in a while. Also in the kitchen, small appliances like your microwave or coffee maker could benefit from a quick vent vacuuming to keep it from clogging.

We tend to not think about our extractor fans in our bathrooms/W.C.’s – these could do with a quick hoover over too to keep them free of dust.

Get the kids involved too to get computer time....



Don’t forget the devices we have dotted around the house too, like TV’s, DVD players, games consoles, PC’s etc which would also require a quick zip over whilst you are running that vacuum round (we always knew that brush connector bit would come in handy!!!). These can help keep them all running smoothly and prevent heat build up and possible overheating which could lead to fire.

Is there anything for us with allergies to housework?.......


Now, with all this cleaning in mind, there are other things we can do to help save on electricity, which is an eyebrow raising ‘tell me more’ moment for us money conscious characters...


Flick off those inefficient lamps! – We are all aware of the market of LED lamps that are becoming hugely popular (and having them mainly in my home, I can truly vouch for them) and when you compare the amount of electricity used to our older lamps you can see why it would make sense to start replacing each blown lamp with a new much more efficient LED lamp in its place. Yes, they may cost a little more to buy, but you will save in the longer term and it is much better for the environment too! Smile you can be helping in more ways than just your own!


Defrost your freezer – This will give you the shivers and remind you of Jack frost nipping fingers for a bit, but again, keeping your freezer frost free will help its efficiency therefore longevity and less power consumption, and once again on the green feel, we can help by reducing drain on the environment.


Keep your tumble dryer smiling – keep those filters free of lint and forgotten tissues from pockets! I personally clean the filter after every use. As we hear, many fires can be caused by the filter being blocked and the machine overheating. Once again, this can also keep the machine running at an easier capacity – saving those pennies, and keeping green!

The next level of home maintenance....


Now, a new thing for me, so we have yet to comment on it too much, but a remote programmable thermostat – yes, from our phone (it does seem a little lazy for me, considering I work from home) but my man of the house is enjoying being able to keep track of how the heating is working throughout the day via a smart little app on his phone (I’m dreading the cameras being fitted next, will be looking for Emma Willis – aka Big Brother presenter popping in saying I’ve been evicted by my partner for not working as many hours as I claimed to that day!!!). This along with thermostatic radiator valves could reduce running costs – reducing our gas bill, and again doing our bit for Mother Nature. But as yet, it is a new concept for me, so I will be back with my report in the near future.

The Sun has got his hat on!


I hope this blog has been of a little help, I am certainly tired from just thinking of all the cleaning, but the sunshine has definitely put a smile on my face, and I hope it does for you too.....

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